Joyfully AND


We are wives, AND moms, AND business/ministry leaders, AND church/community members, AND…many other things. Sometimes we feel like the AND stretches us to our limits!

However, God is all about AND!! He is limitless, and when we learn to hear him more effectively and align our mindsets with his thoughts, we learn to live in grace and to flow in a beautiful partnership that allows us to find joy and purpose in the AND!

Happy to meet you!

Hi, I’m Amy! I am wife to a real rocket scientist and work from home mom to four awesome kids from elementary through post high school (we have one who recently graduated!), as well as a dog & cat mom…a book lover, a coffee & dark chocolate snob, a bit of a nerd, a worship dancer, an amateur nature photographer, a digital creator, an author, a teacher & coach, a ministry leader, and a business director.

I have a whole lot of ANDs…and if you’re here visiting my website, I bet you do also! I would love to share some of my ANDs with you, and invite you to connect with me further in all my places.

Do you know your Kingdom purpose?

Did you know that when the Lord created you in the secret place, he carefully crafted and wove bits of himself into your unique make-up? Your personality, your natural talents and aptitudes, your spiritual gifts, and the precise way in which your unique brain is wired – are intertwined with bits of God, for the purpose of reflecting Him into the world in a way that only you are designed to! This unique way you were created to reflect the Lord was intentional on his part so that you would be perfectly equipped and positioned to reach and serve certain people for him as part of your Kingdom purpose!

I LOVE celebrating, promoting, and amplifying the message the Lord has given to women who are currently walking in partnership with him in their purpose! In addition, it makes me SO HAPPY to be able to support women who have not yet stepped into their Kingdom purpose as they lean into their relationship with the Lord for clarity and next steps. I am so blessed to serve women at every stage of their journey with God in their Kingdom purpose through Women of Faithful Purpose! 

Women of Faithful Purpose

I am CEO and Visionary Director of Women of Faithful Purpose, a new and growing networking community and marketing platform for Christian women in business and ministry (or those who are seeking to start one)! We believe strongly that by design as the body of Christ we are better together and that we rise by lifting others – and that this applies not only to the Church, but also to Kingdom business owners in the way that we network, collaborate, refer each other out, and purchase each others’ products and services.

We are a growth-minded and Christ-centered community, and just launched a new social platform on our website (which functions similarly to Facebook) as a place where women in all stages of walking with the Lord in their purpose can come to connect, network, share what they are doing, build relationships, collaborate, find products and services they need, and learn from those who are operating in their giftings and anointing by going through courses hosted within the membership platform.

We love to amplify the unique messages that God has given his daughters, and do so through the marketing options for those in business or ministry that are included in different levels of membership of our website community, and through interviews shared to all of our places. We exist to promote the Kingdom purposes of our members and help them reach new people, and also to help those who have not yet launched to connect with those who can help them through the courses, training, relationships and connections available within our community. 

 If you are a Kingdom minded woman at any stage of partnering with the Lord in your purpose, I would love so much for you to join us!

The Joyfully AND Community

I am PASSIONATE about helping those who have not yet stepped fully into their purpose to connect more deeply with God to find clarity and confidence in the amazingly unique and individual way He created them, and to provide them with the tools, support, connections, and strategies to launch boldly into what the Lord is calling them to. 

Sometimes when we’re learning to partner with God and beginning to move toward walking with him in our Kingdom purpose, we find that there are areas of our lives that are super frustrating to us or feel like they are getting in the way of us fully engaging with God in what he’s calling us towards. It could be the job we currently find ourselves in that’s bringing in money, but not joy…it could be our marriage that’s been feeling more like a roommate situation lately…it could be challenges with our children…it could be the clutter in our home that we seem to constantly be waging war against…it could be our financial situation…it could be our physical health…or struggles with our mindset or emotional health. We feel called by God, and we desperately want to step into all he has for us, but we feel STUCK in making progress toward our purpose!

Or we catch a big and exciting vision from Him and we leap out and hit the ground running, taking fast action to get to that vision as fast as we can! However, we hit bumps, potholes, or even barricades in the road, or we come to forks and don’t know which way to turn…and we find ourselves discouraged and doubting our abilities, or whether we heard him right at all. We realize that somewhere along the way we have let go of the Lord’s hand in our eagerness to DO THE THING and run waaaay out ahead of him.

Can you relate to either of these scenarios?? Sister, the truth is that when the Lord invites us into partnership with him to walk out our Kingdom identity in our purpose, he is inviting us into a JOURNEY of fellowship with him, communication with him, and growth with him! 

I’d love to invite you to join me inside the Joyfully AND community, where we are focusing on connecting with God each month to hear clearly the areas of our life or business he’s inviting us to partner with him in that month, set goals with him, map out the plan to reach those goals, and then support each other with encouragement and accountability throughout the month as we each work towards our goals in partnership with God! 

Healing in the Kingdom

One of the ways that I am blessed to walk in my Kingdom purpose is by serving as deputy director of the Healing in the Kingdom ministry, founded by Dr. Darlene A. Lobel, neurosurgeon and neuroscientist, who teaches on the intersection of brain science and scripture for healing of mind, soul and body as we connect deeper and deeper with the Lord! The programs within Healing in the Kingdom are designed to help people tap into the ways God has designed them for healing by rewiring their brains to align with the Kingdom mindsets available to them in relationship with the King, and cast aside the worldly mindsets in which the enemy seeks to keep them trapped. 

October 4-6th inside the free Healing in the Kingdom community on Facebook, I’m so excited to be teaming up with Dr. Darlene to present “Reveal Your Kingdom Purpose”, a three evening event designed to help participants:

  • Learn the #1 lie the enemy uses to keep you from moving in your purpose
  • Uncover the freeing truth about your territory
  • Connect with the Lord to receive a specific expanded strategy

Then later in October, I will be teaching a course and group coaching program entitled Kingdom Foundations 2: Purpose, as a follow up to Kingdom Foundations 1: Identity, which was led by my friend Leslie Busick. In KF1, Leslie helped participants connect with the truth of who God has created them to be in relationship with him. In KF2, we will discover how to put action to our identity and overcome the mindset blocks that can keep us from stepping boldly into our purpose.

I would love to have you join me within the Healing in the Kingdom community! Click the link below to visit the HiK website, where you can take your Kingdom Mindset Assessment and find links to the community and other resources available.

Activate your SWORD!!

Isn’t it interesting that the sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) is the only offensive piece in the armor of God listed in Ephesians 6:10-18?? Unlike the other pieces (belt, breastplate / body armor, shoes, shield, helmet), which are meant for defense and protection, the sword of the Spirit is meant for attack!


Tap into the power found in this piece of your armor to fend off your enemy, and also to rewire your neural pathways and align your mindset with God’s Truth! Download my guide now, and learn the steps I take to connect with God and create powerful Biblical affirmations!

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